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Colorado raiding Arizona's coaching staff?

It appears that the speculation about the future of Mike Stoops' coaching staff has only just begun. Multiple reports have come out stating that Arizona defensive line coach Mike Tuiasosopo has been hired by the Colorado Buffaloes for the same position. Colorado is also reportedly talking to Greg Brown, Arizona's defensive co-coordinator and defensive backs coach, offering him the defensive coordinator position.

Excuse me, but you're the 'new guy' Colorado. Kindly get your hand out of Arizona's cookie jar. If the reports are true about Mike Tuiasosopo leaving for Colorado, you got a good one. And I'll hate you for it. As for Greg Brown, why would he go back to a team he left just one season ago? He left for a reason.

If Greg Brown returns to Colorado, it would be a major loss for Arizona. However, I don't see it happening. Colorado simply isn't on the same level as Arizona, and would have to offer too much to get him back. If anything, this might get Brown a raise at Arizona, and possibly earn him a promotion to lone defensive coordinator.

I don't know if this was all done with the intent of forming a new rivalry with Arizona, but if so, mission accomplished. Coach Tuiasosopo is a major recruiter, and a terrific position coach. I can promise, this raiding of Arizona's coaching staff will be brought up again next year, as the Wildcats prepare to invade Boulder.

Congratulations, Colorado. Before today, you were a blip on the radar, and were likely to catch the Wildcats looking past you. Now, the Arizona @ Colorado game will be circled on the calendar. Should be fun.