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That Didn't Take Long: Jordin Mayes Commits to Arizona

One day after witnessing Arizona take down Cal 76-72, Los Angeles point guard Jordin Mayes commits to Arizona.  We recapped the great week in terms of Arizona recruiting by taking a look at Kadeem Jack and Jordin Mayes both being in Tucson during the Stanford and California games.  Those are some pretty good games to be at if you're a senior in high school.  Kadeem Jack had some good things to say about the Cats and their fans after his visit.  Mayes probably enjoyed watching Nic Wise light up Cal for 30 points from the PG spot.

I wonder how many dreams Mayes had on Sunday night of playing at McKale? What do you think? I think I had a dream of playing at McKale last night and I'm not even a recruit!

(McKale dreamin' all night)

A great pick-up for the Cats.  Miller is putting together a nice group to compliment his 2009 class. Congrats to him and all of the coaches working on these young guys.