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Signing Day Open Thread

The Cats already have verbal commits from 19 players around the country.  We'll be watching for a few big shots tomorrow including:

Corey Cooper - Safety from Maywood, Illinois

Update: He hasn't officially announced, but it looks like Cooper will be heading to Nebraska. Damn it!

Fabbians Ebbele - Offensive linemen from Chicago, Illinois

Update: Fabbians Ebbele is going to be a Wildcat. 9:44 Central. BOOM! That's 2-6.

Josh Shirley - Linebacker from Fontana, California

3:48 P.M: Shirley to UCLA.

Sani Fuimano - Defensive tackle from Hawaii

Update: Sui Fuimano is going to be a Wildcat.  One down, five to go.

Anthony Jefferson - Athlete from Los Angeles

Update: Jefferson to UCLA.

Jonathan McNight - Cornerback from Louisiana

10:23 A.M: HUGE NEWS! According to his coach, Jonathan McNight, (Joe McNight's brother) will sign with Arizona.  Check back later for the official word.  (Via Twitter)

10:27 A.M:  Jonathan McNight is a Wildcat. No more speculation. BOOM. That's 3-6.

Some of these are long shots and some are right in the mix.  The Cats already have a great class and it can only get better tomorrow. We'll be checking back in tomorrow to see how the class pans out.  Leave your thoughts on here about the class of 2010.