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Arizona Football Is In The Air! Spring Game April 10, 2010

The Arizona Wildcats will play in the spring game on April 10, 2010 at Arizona Stadium.  If you're in Tucson, head out to the game to get in on what promises to be another exciting year of Arizona football.  The Cats are returning a plethora, yes plethora, of talent from last year while revving up their solid recruiting class of 2009.


Over the next few weeks, leading up to the season, we will be previewing each section of the team.  For now, the spring game will feature co-coordinators Bill Bedenbaugh and Seth Littrell.  The defense is also coached by a pair of co-coordinators in Tim Kish and Greg Brown

The Cats have been toying with a package called the "cheetah" in which there would be four defensive ends to go along with five or six defensive backs.  The jury is still out on this idea.  Other than that, the Cats return some big hitters on both sides of the ball. 

Nick Foles, Matt Scott, Nic Grigsby, Keola Antolin, Greg Nwoko are returners in the backfield.  Redshirt Daniel Jenkins and Kylan Butler will be stepping up their game trying to get some PT this year as well.

Juron Criner, Delashaun Dean, Travis Cobb, David Douglas, David Roberts and Bug Wright all return in the receiving corps. 

Colin Baxter and Adam Grant return on the offensive line which some believe could be the core group of the entire team.  We'll take a look at the defenders returning another time.  For now, just enjoy the ridiculous amount of talent returning and get to the spring game if you can.