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USC Athletes Are Being Hunted

After the NCAA put down serious sanctions agains USC for violating a number of rules mainly surrounding O.J. Mayo and Reggie Bush, the rest of the nation is attempting to capitalize on USC's ill fated fortune.  It was reported earlier that five schools have contacted freshman phenom, Dillon Baxter, and asked him if he wanted to transfer to their schools.  Included in this list are Alabama, Florida, Washington, Oregon and Fresno State.  The NCAA has lifted the transfer restrictions for upperclassmen so they would not have to sit out a year.  Unfortunately, sophomores and freshmen would still have to abide by the transfer restrictions.


I would be surprised if this type of activity was not occurring for EVERY USC athlete.  They may not be getting contact from coaches or alumni regarding the sanctions but peer pressure is a bitch.  Once the hammer dropped my guess is that every teammate that had a friend in their district or other teammate commit to USC has contacted them and tried to talk them into transferring.