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BREAKING: Utah move to Pac-10 "imminent" [Updated]

Utah will become the Pac-10's 12th member this week, according to an story.

Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson, interviewed Tuesday, would only say that he has been in contact with the Pac-10 regarding Utah.

"I did state yesterday morning that I had not spoken to [Pac-10 commissioner] Larry Scott," Thompson said during a break at the Collegiate Commissioners Association meetings. "Twenty-four hours is a long timeframe."

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Throughout the conference realignment/power-grab fiasco, Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott has moved swiftly and with a purpose. I would not expect any different this week. Scott knows that 11 teams is likely not enough to secure a shiny new television network, or a conference championship game.

So, it seems Colorado has a new "rival" in Utah. It may take Buffs and Utes fans a few years to get used to that, but I am sure Utah is more than ecstatic to join a BCS conference.

UPDATE:'s Ted Miller reports that Utah will be holding a "public meeting" this Thursday to discuss its departure to the Pac-10.