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BREAKING: Utah officially in the Pac; commence division alignment war

The Pac-10 has announced that Utah will be the 12th member of the Pac-10, Bruce Pascoe of the Arizona Daily Star, reports. 

Now, the division alignment debate begins. 

Everyone will be gunning to be included in the SoCal division, while I'm sure everyone would like to avoid the Utah/Colorado side.  Utah has a recent history of busting major BCS programs, and Colorado, well Colorado just has not been very good lately. 

This move paves the way for a Pac-10 television network ($$$) and a conference championship game ($$$).  But, this is the NCAA, and everything is about the athletes and the academics, right?  Right. 

All in all, this seems to be a good move for the Pac-10, after being spurned by Texas/Big 12 South.  The new alignment will allow the Pac-10 to compete with the Big Ten and SEC on the field and in the bank accounts.  The latter of which, the Pac-10 has failed at miserably as of late.