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Were Arizona's new football jerseys leaked online?

We may have our first look at Arizona's new football jerseys, Ryan Finley of the Arizona Daily Star reports.  The leak came from EA Sports' NCAA Football 11. 

If the screenshots are to be believed as the new uniform, it looks like the classic white helmet is back. Three cheers from me for that decision.  Although, I am not digging the mono-chromatic setup of the red, white, and bue tops/bottoms. Here's to hoping that the Cats mix up the colors a little bit, and show off the classic blue top/white pants combination.

Also, the pixelated pants stripe? 

What do you all think?  What would you have liked to see the Cats do differently?  Do you even believe these will be the real jerseys?  They have not been officially unveiled by the school, so we may end up seeing something completely different.  Although, it has been rumored that Arizona was going back to a more old-school look, and the white helmet certainly fits that.

Direct link to the EA Sports screenshot.