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Where I Come From: How I Became A Die Hard Arizona Wildcat Fan

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I attended the University of Arizona in 1998.  Long before I had considered moving out to the old pueblo to attend college, I loved watching the Cats on T.V. from my home in Austin, Texas.  Every kid in America knew about the "Desert Swarm" and my blog was appropriately titled to honor that era.  

I was born in 1979 so my knowledge of Arizona came right around the time the Desert Swarm was making a name for itself.  The hard nosed defense led by coach Dick Tomey made national headlines and put the Cats in the 1993 Fiesta Bowl where they trounced Miami 29-0.   This was when Arizona was put on my radar.



The Cats basketball program also led me to believe that I wanted to attend the "school in the desert" as my friends in Austin used to say.  Watching Mike Bibby lead the Cats to the National Championship in 1997 was another defining moment in how I became a die hard Arizona fan.  Attending a college with a solid sports program was number two on my list of requirements, next to good looking girls.

(One of my favorites ever: Ortege Jenkins)

Attending the University of Arizona was an amazing experience.  While I was there, Arizona had successful football, basketball, baseball, softball, diving, golf, and volleyball sports.  Being entrenched in Tucson during these sporting events solidified my love for Wildcat sports.  Jenny Finch, Gilbert Arenas, Luke Walton, Ortege Jenkins and Chris McAlister are some of my favorites from my years at school. Experiences at McKale Center, Wildcat Stadium, and Sancet field were a part of my four years living in Tucson.  The Bear Down tradition is something special that only Arizona alumni can claim as their own. 

How did you become a Die Hard Arizona Wildcat Fan?  Post your comments below.

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