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Where I Come From: My Favorite Arizona Team of All Time

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011

Today we explore another sponsored post by EA Sports as to which Arizona team is my favorite of all time.  As I stated in my piece yesterday, I came on the scene of Arizona sports in the early nineties and began to follow them more and more after Desert Swarm became a house hold name.  So, which team is my favorite of all time?

Definitely the football program of 1998.  The Cats went 12-1 and defeated Nebraska 23-20 in the Holiday Bowl.  This team was stacked with talent including Chris McAlister, Dennis Northcutt, Trung Canidate, Mike Lucky, Dashon Polk, Keith Smith and Joe Tafoya.  Dick Tomey led this squad in 1998. 

(Unbelievable player at Arizona)

This squad beat every team they played that year, sans UCLA, who they lost to 52-28.  This loss kept the Cats from taking the Pac-10 title as well.  This team was as exciting as any team that has ever hit the field grass at Arizona Stadium.  Chris McAlister was an all American and a shut down corner who also returned punts.  To say he was electrifying would be an understatement.   The Cats also dismantled Arizona State 50-42 that year which is always a fun way to end the season before the bowl season. 

1998 was a great year for Arizona Wildcat football fans.  The stadium was almost sold out every game and the fans were awesome.  To date, this has been my favorite Wildcat team of all time. 

What was your favorite team of all time?

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