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Where I Come From: All Time Favorite Wildcats

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011

I will list a few of my favorite Wildcats here but the list is longer than these three:

1.  Ortege Jenkins

2. Eugene Edgerson

3. Jennie Finch


What can you say about this guy?  He was electrifying.  His passing game was solid and his feet proved to be lethal.  He was a badass dual quarterback before it was even cool.  His athleticism and leadership was electrifying.  Not to mention this play which will go down in history as one of the most athletic plays of all time: The Flip.  (Can't find the video.) 



This guy epitomized the word hustle.  He used to grab incredible rebounds and run the court like a gazelle.  His afro was amazing and the crowd loved him.  Lots of players have come and gone at U of A but few commanded the respect and passion that Edgerson did.  Watching him play live was one of the best things about being at Arizona in the late nineties.  Edgerson currently performs for the Harlem Globetrotters.

(Seriously. This guy was a badass)


(She's pretty good at softball too)

Jennie Finch attended the University of Arizona from 1999 - 2002.  She dominated her sport and went on to play for the U.S.A. National Team.  She was unstoppable and gained a lot of attention while attending U of A.  She won the "Hondo Award" winner for the Player of the Year.  She. Was. Awesome.


Who is your favorite Wildcat?