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Needed: Arizona Wildcats Writer

Hey Wildcats fans, I'm the founder and editorial director of SB Nation and I'm popping in here to ask if anyone is interested in becoming the new lead writers for AZ Desert Swarm. This community and the Cats fanbase is very important to SB Nation and we'd love to find a passionate and dedicated writer to take over this community. We want to have the best, professional Cats coverage of the football and basketball program and someone who is passionate and cares deeply about the fortunes of the program. We look for great writers who can build community and get fans engaged about topics that are important to all fans of the team. If you're a great writer who is motivated to get AZ Desert Swarm active and engaged, you might be right for this position.

If you're interested in becoming a part of the fastest growing as well as most respected independent sports media company on the planet, email me at I will put you in touch with our college league managers who will discuss the process. 

Thanks so much and never fear, college football is right around the corner.