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How should the Arizona Wildcats use QB Matt Scott?

Once again, the subject of how and when to use QB Matt Scott has arisen. It is a difficult question to ignore. He is clearly the backup. QB Nick Foles is the unquestioned starter. But Scott is just too good an athlete to have him sitting on the bench. I find myself struggling with the issue as a fan. I want so bad for him to be the promised savior of the Wildcats faithful. The heir to Tuitama that would be able to run like the wind, and fire accurately downfield. But based on his performances throughout last season, and what little I have seen from the scrimmage on Aug. 21st, he is not that guy. Scott is undeniably fast. When he runs with the football, he is a sight to behold. Fast. Nimble. Tough. Unfortunately, his passing skills have been sub-standard thus far. And all that speed, and all those moves mean nothing. If you can’t convince the defense that you are a serious threat to toss it deep, your running lanes are going to be closed.

On the subject of Scott-specific packages, I am wholeheartedly against them. I am not a football coach, and I readily admit that the coaching staff of the Arizona Wildcats knows much, much more than I do about football. That said, I hate pulling your QB1, and putting in a backup for a series. Look at last season, it was awful. And unfair to Scott. He comes into the game, and now the offense has to adjust from a pocket QB to a scrambler. Scott has been on the bench to this point, but the defense is loose and ready. It's a recipe for disaster. And three and outs. And interceptions.

My humble suggestion? Put Scott in at WR. Not every series, just as a situational WR. Can you imagine the opposing D coordinator? "What are they doing? Will he be a receiver? Will they lateral the ball to him and have him toss it down field?" How do they defend him? If the defense double teams him, that leaves another WR open. That alone would justify him being on the field. If the defense puts just one DB on him, his size and speed would be an advantage. If the defense gives him a cushion, they risk Foles tossing a lateral to Scott, and now Scott can either pass or run, and with a cushion, he could get 5 or more yards, easy.

Now, I know this is all easier said than done. But that’s the benefit of not being a football coach. I get to play the "what if?" game. And the more I think about it, the more Scott as a WR just sounds cool to me.

Realistically, I imagine that the Wildcats will have Scott doing more of the same this year. Subbing in for a series. I truly hope it works. I just don’t believe it will. Can’t wait to see how he does in his first series, presumably against the Toledo Rockets.

My vote remains for Scott as a WR, or as the second QB in the wildcat formation. Admit it. If nothing else, Wouldn't that be fun to watch?

Thanks to Smooty for getting me all fired up over the Matt Scott situation.