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Is Jordan Scelfo a Wildcat in training?

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Arizona QB coach Frank Scelfo is described as a QB guru. News out of the Arizona Wildcats camps so far seem to bear that out, as improvements in the footwork and mechanics of both Nick Foles and Matt Scott have been reported since coach Scelfo took over the QBs. But Scelfo didn’t come to Tucson alone. He brought his family with him. His son, QB Jordan Scelfo is attending Salpointe Catholic, and has already won the starting QB job.

Soon after his arrival, the Lancer coaching staff became impressed with Jordan's skills and mechanics. He has been listed in the southern Arizona top 22 high school football players, at position 18, by the Arizona Daily Star and News 4 Tucson. Having played for a I-A private school in Louisiana, he is a total unknown to all but the Salpointe coaches at this point. But with his father being such an accomplished QB mentor, and the significant upgrade in his support cast, it is safe to assume that he will be a better than average high school QB. Whether or not he will be a NCAA FBS caliber QB remains to be seen.

For his part, he seems optimistic. "After three years at a small school, I'm happy to get back into a big school, and I like the city living and stuff like that. I feel like I can surprise some people here. They won't know quite what to expect from me since they've never seen me before." Only time will tell. But with Salpointe considered by many to be a state title contender, he will start to get some serious attention in the coming weeks and months. If he does turn out to be a great talent, expect the obvious questions to come quickly. "Will he go to the University of Arizona to be with his father? Will he strike off on his own?" Only time will tell.

Link to Salpointe Lancers football schedule here.