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Juron Criner is back and Gronk scores (twice!)

Arizona junior Wide Receiver Juron Criner has returned to practice, reports Anthony Gimino of the Tucson Citizen

Criner suffered from a concussion and facial lacerations, the result of a jarring hit from safety-turned-corner Robert Golden.  I cannot think of any player suffering from facial lacerations while wearing a helmet.  Save some of that for the guys in different color jerseys, Golden.

Criner is expected to be quarterback Nick Foles primary target this season, and is the returning team leader in touchdown catches.   Delashaun Dean's off-season dismissal, and an un-tested defense figures to put more pressure on Arizona's offense this season.  Criner's injury was certainly less than ideal, but he has seven more days to get up to game speed for Opening Night in Toledo. 


Also, from Gimino over at the Citizen, is the recap of Rob Gronkowski's big night against the Rams on Thursday.  Gronk caught three passes for 66 yards and two touchdowns.  That is an amazing 66.6% reception-to-TD ratio!  With that type of ratio, Randy Moss's 23 TD receptions in 2007 are surely in jeopardy!  Well, most definitely not.  But, still, good game for Gronk in his 2010 junior season NFL rookie season. 

Bear Down Cats fans.  Seven more days.