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ESPN House of Pain: 11/15/07 - Arizona 34, #2 Oregon 24

ESPN continues their "House of Pain" series - the 50 most painful outcomes in college football -- with numbers 31-40 today.

College football fans recall the tumultuous year for top ranked teams in 2007 with the "Curse of the #2." Regarded as the "Year of the Upset" as the #2 team in the nation lost seven times, unranked or lower ranked teams upset their opponents 59 times, and a record 13 unranked teams defeated top 5 teams during the regular season.

That year, #2 Oregon rolled into Arizona with a path towards the Pac-10 title, a national championship berth, and a Heisman for QB Dennis Dixon, in sight.

ESPN marked this one #31 on the "House of Pain" list:

#31: 11/15/07 - Arizona 34, (2) Oregon 24

Nov. 15, 2007: Four No. 2 teams in the previous five weeks had lost. Yet new No. 2 Oregon (8-1) didn't have reason to be concerned. Quarterback Dennis Dixon, the leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy, returned from a knee injury to play at Arizona. The Ducks led the Wildcats 8-7 when Dixon attempted to juke linebacker Dane Krogstad. Dixon crumpled, his left ACL gone. The dispirited Ducks lost 34-24. Goodbye, Rose Bowl. So long, Heisman. The Ducks lost their last two regular-season games, too.