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The White Helmets are Back

After months of speculation, Ryan Finley of the Arizona Daily Star unveiled the new (old-ish) white football helmets Wednesday night.  


In somewhat of a hat tip to the past, Arizona brings back the red and blue stripe, down the middle of the helmet from the face-mask to the back of the helmet.  What's different?  As the stripe progresses towards the back of the helmet, it begins to pixelate and fade away (unlike the last version of the white helmets we saw Jason Johnson, Clarence Farmer, et al wear).  Also, from this picture, the face-mask is white (like the 2009 Holiday Bowl version), not blue like previous versions. 

All in all, I'm glad the white helmet is back, particularly with the red and blue stripe. 

What do you think of the new helmets?  

More pictures after the jump.