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Know Your Enemy: Toledo Rockets

Every year we try to get some inside information from the opposing team's perspective.  Thanks to the guys at Lets Go for pitching in and answering some of our questions.  Let's dive in and see what the Cats can expect on Friday night:

1.     What type of offense does Toledo run?
     Toledo will utilize a spread offense again this year --- stretching the field with multiple WR sets and implementing the running game once the defense adjusts.

2.     Who should Arizona watch on offense and defense?

    Arizona will have to keep an eye on the Toledo receivers as they are talented and fast. Led by Eric Page (who led all freshman in the country with 82 receptions and 1,159 yards last year), the receiver corp will benefit from the experience of Stafford, Bellinger, and Cortazzo while introducing the talented James Green to opposing defenses. Couple that with skilled TEs in Noble and Jones and Atkins and the passing game could really get rolling.

    Archie Donald and Desmond Marrow will be impact players for Toledo. Their experience and leadership should help solidify the defense and fill some gaps from last year. Look for strong support from T.J. Fatinikun, Isaiah Ballard, and Alex Johnson.

3.     Your defense allowed 37.7 points per game last year.  Do you think you can slow Arizona's passing attack?
    Containing Arizona's passing game will be the key to keeping this game from getting ugly. If Toledo's defense can pressure Foles into making poor attempts and throwing into traffic, we have a shot at disrupting the Wildcat's primary form of attack. The athleticism of our corners and safeties should allow them to keep pace with Arizona's receivers and cause them trouble in coverage. If Toledo can turn the game into a run-only affair, we'll have the advantage.

4.   Toledo suffered a lot last year going 5-7 and having a hard time stopping anyone.  What are the expectations this year and who are your key recruits?  Are any of them going to play on Friday?

    In the off season, a great deal of emphasis was placed on helping the defense to improve their performance from last season. It's expected that the return of Desmond Marrow coupled with the leadership of Archie Donald should help sure things up on the defensive side of the ball. QB injury also contributed to our hit-and-miss performances in the past season. The experience those young QBs gained will help them to be more confident and focused this season. WIth so many changes with playcallers last year, it was tough for the team to settle into a rhythm and really get it's footing --- this year, the hope is to allow the offense to gel around a primary signal caller and supplement with a few wildcat formations to stir things up. If we can stay away from the injury-bug, expect big numbers from our offense.

    Key recruits that may seeing playing time on Friday:

  • Receiver James Green
  • Safety Ross Madison
  • Cornerback Taikwon Paige
  • Linebacker Charles Rancifer

5.     Prediction?

    With all the offense fire power that these teams have, we expect to see both teams hang some decent points on the board. We give the slight edge to Arizona (as Toledo's defense hasn't had an oppurtunity to show that they've improved over last season) --- as much as it pains us to pick against our Rockets, the facts show that Arizona winning 45 - 34, is a real possibility. If Toledo's defense can't keep pace with the Foles-led attack, things could get messy.