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Some quick Arizona Wildcat links.

Just some quick links here, with a full breakdown of the Arizona Wildcats / Toledo Rockets game coming Friday night.

Arizona might be more interested in running the ball than passing it.

Some interesting stuff on the dual-offensive coordinators. It certainly made me feel better about the situation.

A nice little video by ESPNs Ted Miller. He has a less doom and gloom appraisal of the Wildcats LBs. "For Arizona, a trip to Toledo will be a good opening test for the Wildcats rebuilding defense. Particularly the 3 new linebackers." He seems to take the position that this will be a great opportunity for these guys to learn on their feet, as opposed to those who think they will outright fail. (The video starts off with discussion of Washington QB Jake Locker. The Arizona segment starts at the 59 second mark)

Also, I’m not seeing enough fan craziness leading up to the Toledo game. I want some comments with your prediction for the Toledo game. Even if you only throw out a score. And don’t be afraid to throw common sense out the window. I love the crazy football fans.