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Pac-10 Power Rankings: Week 2

Here are this week's Power Rankings, because who doesn't love subjectively ordering teams (based on an extremely small sample-size) in order to spur discussion?  Certainly not me! 

These power rankings are based on how a team has performed thus far, how it appears they will perform in the future, and a supremely complex math formula.  It's like the BCS, but without all the money and conflicts of interest.


  1. Oregon - Last week: Beat New Mexico eleventy billionteen to zero.  Decent.  But, seriously, they put up 59 points in the first half.  Check out this box score.  At the moment, the Ducks are the class of the Pac.
  2. Arizona - Last week: Beat Toledo in the House Made of Glass, 41-2.  The defense played well in game one.  11 to go Arizona fans.  Way too early to say they answered any questions definitively. 
  3. Stanford - Last week: Beat Sacramento State 52-17.  Whatever.  The Harbaugh-without-Gerhart era started smoothly, albeit against inferior competition.  That Andrew Luck can sure sling the ball around though.
  4. Oregon State - Last week:  Lost a tough one in Jerryville to TCU.  Reminder: TCU is very good.  Oregon State is almost as good.  Do not forget about the Beavers. 
  5. USC - Last week: Outlasted the Rainbow Warriors in the pseudo-Hawaii Bowl.  Did you hear the defense was awful?  Me neither.  Game one folks.  USC is talented, and bowl-ban or not, they should not be ignored. 
  6. Cal - Last week:  Crushed UC Davis at home.  Nothing to see here, except they didn't lose  at home to a severely less talented team (take that Masoli!).
  7. Washington - Last week: Lost to BYU in Provo.  Sark talks a big game.  So does everyone else in Seattle.  You'd think they already locked up a bowl bid.  Granted, BYU is better than everyone thinks.  My hunch:  the offense improves dramatically, and the defense carries its weight.  While it's funny to laugh at the Hype Machine losing week one, they won't be down here that long.
  8. Arizona State - Last week:  Beat one of the 7 I-AA teams on their schedule.  Hold off the parade.
  9. UCLA - Last week:  Lost to Kansas State.  Let that sink in.  Slick Rick has some work to do in Westwood...still.
  10. Washington State:  Last week:  Taken to the woodshed by Oklahoma State.  What else is new?