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Teasers for Tuition; Smooty's Guide for the (Friendly) Wagering Enthusiast

Week two of college football is here, and we are already blessed with an amazing schedule of games.  What better way to pay homage to the college football schedule makers than to pick some of the marquee and Pac-10 games against the spread?  Of course, by picking against the spread, we mean only in friendly wagers amongst friends with no amount of currency on the line.  We do not want to end up on the wrong side of a public service announcement.  

Regardless, you can take these picks to the bank, or [insert some other cliche movie gambling reference here]!

To the picks after the jump.

Pac-10 Games

Colorado @ Cal (-10) - 3:30 ET - The pick: Cal (-10).  Dan Hawkins' seat gets hotter and Cal gives the Buffalos a little hint of what the Pac-12 is going to be like.  Hint to CU fans:  it will be unpleasant for you.

Syracuse @ Washington (-13) - 7:00 ET - The pick: Washington (-13).  Hype-Machine Locker and the UW offense can't be that bad two weeks in a row, right?  Right! Locker and the Husky Stadium crowd pull UW along for the big victory.

Montana State @ Washington State (no line) - 7:00 ET - The pick: Washington State.  No line here, but the Cougs can't even mess up this one can they?  /Cougin' it.

Oregon @ Tennessee (+12) - 7:00 ET - The pick: Oregon (-12), and your [cue thundering announcer-guy] Lukewarm Lock of the Week.  Neyland Stadium.  105,000 fans.  Lots of orange.  None of it will matter when that Oregon offense rolls up 40+ points and 500 yards.

Northern Arizona @ ASU (no line) - 10:00 ET - The pick: ASU.  Go ahead Sparky, take down another JV team.

The Citadel @ Arizona (no line) - 10:00 ET - The pick Arizona.  Yea, FCS teams are the best! To be truthful, I do not like scheduling these cream-puffs.  It costs the program money, and is a no-win situation.  It looks soft, and if a team were to lose to one of these pansies, well...just ask Ole Miss how they feel this week (take that Masoli!).

Stanford @ UCLA (+6) - 10:30 ET - The pick: Stanford.  UCLA sucks.  Moving on.

Virginia @ USC (-19.5) - 10:30 ET - The pick: USC (-19).  That wily Kiffy will have his hands full with....Virginia?  At the Coliseum?  USC in a romp.

The Baileys and Coffee Morning Special

Georgia @ South Carolina (-3) - The pick: South Carolina (-3).  Spurrier and Co. take care of Georgia thanks to a raucous home crowd, and Georgia missing a certain play-maker on the outside.  Also, bonus points for Spurrier bringing up NCAA violations related to jersey selling in the post game presser.

The Fork in the Road I Hope this is as Good as Advertised Game

Miami @ Ohio State (-8.5) - The pick: Miami (+8.5).  The 'Shoe is a tough place to play.  Just ask USC last year.  Ha.

The True Freshman Quarterback on the Road Game

Penn State @ Alabama (-12) - The pick: Alabama (-12).  First, respect to JoePa.  No one doubts your longevity and everything you have given to the game.  Second, there is no effing way Penn State hangs with Alabama.  On the bright side, if Penn State does muster a challenge to the Tide, we may see Nick Saban's head explode.

Teaser of the Week

Oregon teased 6 points to (-6) with USC, teased down to (-13.5).

So, to break it down: in my 11 picks, I choose 10 favorites, and one road-dog.  You can see why I make a living not betting on sports.  Anyways, here is to a great weekend of college football, and some successful (friendly) wagers. 

Smooty's season record: 0-0-0