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Click 'Em Up: Arizona Morning Gameday - The Citadel Week

Good morning Arizona fans.  The first Saturday gameday of the Cats' season is upon us.  Here is a couple quick links for you as you sip on your coffee/bloody mary/bourbon/stale beer. 

An inside look at the production of ESPN's College Gameday by SB Nation, and Every Day Should Be Saturday's Spencer Hall. Gameday is a sacred program around ADS.  Saturdays would not be the same without it.  And, if you aren't reading Every Day Should Be Saturday, you are missing out.  Even if they over-value the SEC. /Pac-10homerism

Bryson Beirne may be called on today in what would be a rare occurrence.  Beirne has been nothing but a loyal soldier to the Arizona program.  It would be great to see the Cats starters out of the game early giving Beirne the opportunity to log some serious time. 

Who is on upset watch today?  Florida certainly is if they cannot clean up the center-quarterback exchange.  That seems to easy though.  Under the radar upset watch:  Iowa State over Iowa.  The last ten years, the Cyclones are  5-5 against their supposed "big brother."  Everyone dismisses Iowa State (Iowa included), but they historically play their in-state rivals tough -- last year excluded. [Apparently this year as well. Yikes]

Lee Corso College Gameday head-gear selection:  Alabama's Big Al

Full slate of college football today.  Enjoy, and Bear Down.