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Know Your Enemy: The Citadel

The curtain drops tonight at Arizona Stadium in the 2010 season.  The Citadel has come-a-callin and it's time for the Wildcats to show them why Arizona is a 43 point favorite.  ZonaZoo, tonight, show the Bulldogs what a 12,000+ student section sounds like. 

Game time: 7:00 pm Tucson time

Site: Arizona Stadium and the ZonaZoo

Line: Arizona (-43)

Records:  Arizona 1-0 (0-0); The Citadel 1-0 (0-0)

Last week:  Arizona defeated Toledo 41-2.  The Citadel defeated Chowan 56-14 (Yea, I'm not sure who Chowan is either).

The Citadel offense:  The Bulldogs party like it's 1989, running the triple-option offense that has seen a minor revival by Georgia Tech and Navy.  The triple-option is generally run by programs that do not have the talent athletically to compete with better, faster players.  The option attack seeks to take advantage of misdirection, quick reads, and (like it's name) a bevy of options on each play. 

In the basic triple-option play, the first option is the dive to the fullback.  The quarterback will take a drop-step from center, and ride the ball with the fullback who is running a dive up the A-gap. The quarterback reads the middle of the defense, and decides whether to give the ball to the fullback or take it away.  The second option is the quarterback himself.  If he does not hand the ball of to the fullback, the quarterback immediately begins to run parallel to the line of scrimmage (left or right, depending on the play call).  At this time, the tailback (pitch-man) is running roughly 3-4 yards away from the quarterback, in the same direction, in a slight trail position.  When the quarterback reaches the end of the line of scrimmage, he immediately reads what will usually be the outside linebacker.   If the outside linebacker attacks the quarterback, the quarterback will pitch the ball to the tailback who is trailing slightly behind him.  If the defender shades towards the pitch-man, the quarterback keeps the bull and turns up the field for (presumably) positive yardage.

Granted, that was the triple-option at its most basic form.  FB-QB-Pitch-man.  There are a wide variety of motions, options, and variations that a well-coached option team can run. 

The Citadel defense:  Let's be serious.  It doesn't really matter what defense The Citadel will run.  Air Zona all night. 


Go participate in the first Wildcat Walk today at Arizona Stadium.  5 pm, at the intersection of University and Cherry.  Be there to greet the team, and follow them to the Stadium.

Prediction Time

Arizona 52 - 10.  Just short of covering the 43 point spread, but impressive nonetheless.