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Arizona Football: Iowa Week

Well, the cupcakes are gone.  It's Iowa week. 

Make no mistake, this is a measuring stick game for Arizona.  Iowa is an established power, who, as of late, has been a perennial player in the Big Ten race.  The Hawkeyes are a very good football team.  They are much-deserved of their top 10 ranking.  They run the ball with all the precision of a battering-ram.  And, their defense is in the discussion as one of the best in the country. Have they seen an offense as diverse, and explosive as ours?  Not this year, at least.  But, I am guessing they will be well prepared.

This is a great opportunity for an Arizona team that looks to be on the rise, to find out where it is at.  It's too early in the week for predictions and analysis, but everyone should get excited for the bright lights on Saturday night. 

Expect to see some of our SB Nation friends from Black Heart Gold Pants around these parts this week.  Be courteous Cats fans.  They are as passionate about their school, as we are about ours.

This game has been circled on the calendar for a long time.  It's finally here. 

Bear Down.