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Arizona Football Press Conferences: Week 3

Some links to videos of the University of Arizona football press conference, with my favorite quote from each.

Players Press Conference. DE Brooks Reed on the crowd noise at Arizona stadium. "It means a lot man. I just love playing on our field. It’ll be at night. It’ll be nicer. It’ll be loud for their offense, and that always helps."

You hear that Wildcats fans? As AZ Desert Swarm member F’nA so perfectly stated, "BE LOUD!!! I lose my voice at every home game. It makes a huge difference." Couldn’t agree more. I can guarantee my voice will be shredded come Sunday morning.

Arizona Head Coach Mike Stoops Press Conference. Coach Stoops on playing Iowa. "That’s my alma mater, and I wish them great success in everything they do. Except for Saturday."

Arizona Co-Offensive Coordinator Seth Littrell Press Conference. Co-OC Littrell on the Iowa game. "We respect everybody, but we’re not gonna fear anybody either. We’re going to go out there and play with our hair on fire, and we’re gonna have a lot of fun doing it."

Arizona Co-Defensive Coordinator Greg Brown Press Conference. Co-DC Brown responding to the question of whether he likes playing "showdown" games better than normal games. "You better believe it. I mean, that’s what you live for as a coach."