joenewby4040- Prediction for the Iowa @ Arizona game on Sep. 18, 2010

I am opportunistic about the Cats' chances against Iowa on Saturday. As the writers from Black Heart Gold Pants put it, the line is only -1.5 for a reason. The linesmakers have no idea how this game is going to turn out. There is always the chance that Arizona's defense is just as good as they have been playing. There is always the chance that Iowa State and Eastern Illinois were just as terrible as everyone thought they would be.

I have hope in our offense moving the ball against Iowa. I love our defensive line matchup (way more than last year) against the monsters on Iowa's OL. Our D-Coordinators are going to have to draw up some sets that will keep Stanzi guessing but I like our chances, especially at home.

Prediction: Arizona 24 vs. Iowa 21.

Get'em Cats.

Updated: Now the line is Arizona -1. Definitely going with a 3 point win for the Cats. Vegas knows. THEY KNOW!!!

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