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AZ Desert Swarm predictions for the Iowa @ Arizona game on Sep. 18, 2010

uofafanatic- Arizona wins, 21-14

So for my part, I feel optimistic. There has been much made of the Iowa defense over the past couple of weeks. And they certainly have a decent defensive resume. Iowa allowed only 15 points per game last season.

Offensively, I am not so sure. For all the talk of a balanced Iowa offense, there seems to be a glaring weak spot at QB. Iowa QB Ricky Stanzi passed for 17 TDs and 15 INTs last season. That sounds like a recipe for disaster for an Iowa team about to face a solid secondary in a tremendously loud and hostile stadium.

joenewby4040- Arizona wins, 24-21

I am opportunistic about the Cats' chances against Iowa on Saturday. As the writers from Black Heart Gold Pants put it, the line is only -1.5 for a reason. The linesmakers have no idea how this game is going to turn out. There is always the chance that Arizona's defense is just as good as they have been playing. There is always the chance that Iowa State and Eastern Illinois were just as terrible as everyone thought they would be.

Smooty- Arizona wins, 30-27 (OT)

Measuring Stick Saturday is upon us. Although Mike Stoops' program has won several high-profile Pac-10 games, they have laid a giant egg against big non-conference opponents. It took longer than everyone wanted, but it looks like Stoops finally has the program on the rise, and no longer lingering at the bottom of the Pac-10. How do they measure up outside of the conference? While Saturday's game will not provide a definitive answer (one game never should), it will give Arizona a good idea of how it matches up against an established program with legitimate top 10 talent.

Click on the links to read the full predictions, and vote for the prediction that you agree with the most. Bear Down, Arizona! Beat Iowa!