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Teasers for Tuition: Smooty's Guide to (Friendly) Wagers

Last week was a good wagering week at ADS.  Not counting the games against FCS opponents with no lines, we went 6-2 against the spread.  Nothing like letting all your earnings ride the following week.  

Compared to last week, this week's matchups are must less exciting.  Only one game with two top 25 teams, although Arkansas vs. Georgia and Nebraska vs. Washington look to be great games.  Also, there is that Big Ten/Pac-10 matchup Saturday night in the Old Pueblo, as well. 

All the picks after the jump.

USC @ Minnesota (+11.5) - The Pick: USC.  They boys of Troy have to cover eventually, right?  The Gophers are awful.

Nebraska @ Washington (+3.5) - The Pick: Washington.  Montlake will be buzzing and the Husky Stadium crowd will be rocking like it's 2000.  Plus, who doesn't love picking against freshman quarterbacks on the road in a hostile environment?

ASU @ Wisconsin (-12) - The Pick:  Wisconsin.  Old Sparky and that school up north will not be able to stop the Badgers rushing attack.  Bonus points for Most Boring Game of the Week.

WSU @ SMU (-23) - The Pick:  Washington State, and the points.  This seems stupid typing it, but 23 points is a lot.  Even WSU can cover that.  I hope.  Stick with it Coug fans, we have been there.

Louisville @ Oregon State (-20) - The Pick:  Oregon State.  And, now, the annual meteoric rise of Oregon State begins.

Portland State @ Oregon (no line) - The Pick: Oregon.  The only question is whether Oregon can top their impressive 72 point output from week one against New Mexico.

Iowa @ Arizona (-1) - The Pick:  Arizona.  Iowa fans travel well.  They also show a prodigious ability to pack several pairs of jorts.

Houston @ UCLA (+4) - The Pick: Houston.  UCLA is not good at football.  The Rose Bowl leads the Pac-10 in vacancy rate.

Wake Forest @ Stanford (-17.5) - The Pick: Stanford.  Harbaugh has the Cardinal trending in the right direction.  The over/under on games before he is mentioned as the next coach at Colorado/ASU/Tennessee:  6

Baileys and Coffee Morning Special

Arkansas @ Georgia (-1.5) - The Pick:  Arkansas.  No AJ Green + ridiculously unimpressive showing last week = home loss for the Dawgs.  Also, your Lukewarm Lock of the Week.

The Why The Hell Is Gameday At Another SEC Campus And NOT In Tucson Game

Clemson @ Auburn (-7.5) - The Pick:  Auburn.  War Eagle.  And, Cameron Newton is fun to watch.

The Notre Dame Will Be Shoved Down Your Throat And You Will Like It Game

Notre Dame @ Michigan State (-3.5) - The Pick:  Notre Dame.  Prove me wrong, Sparty.

Teaser of the Week

Houston, teased to (+2) & Arkansas, teased to (+7.5).

Season record: 6-2-0

Teaser of the Week: 0-1

Lukewarm Lock of the Week: 1-0-0