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Click 'Em Up: Arizona Morning Gameday - Iowa Week

Finally, game day is here.  In a few hours, 22 players on the grass at Arizona Stadium are going to decide what we have been debating for weeks.  Mercifully, the wait is almost over.  The final prologue to the Pac-10 conference season is here.   After tonight, Arizona can use the experience of the first three games, and shift their focus on The Bowl Game That Shall Not Be Named. 

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Arizona's defense has been focusing on gang-tackling and flying to the ball. Blah blah blah, coach-speak, rabble rabble.  Iowa is fast and big.  Iowa runs the ball well.  Arizona needs to be on its A-game defensively.  Yeah.   Think I'm ready for all the pre-game talk to be over in this one?  Let's kick this thing off. 

Biggest Game EVER?  Not so, says Greg Hansen.  I couldn't agree more.  Big game? Yes.  BIggest?  Not a chance. Iowa is good, but this is a non-conference, non-bowl game.  Made for TV at its finest. 

Javier Morales at the Tucson Citizen lays out his keys to the game.  The two most important:  Arizona time of possession, and Nick Foles efficiency.   A great game by Foles is going to put pressure on Iowa's offense to score often. 

Gameday is here.  See everyone on the Mall for the Wildcat Walk. 

Bear Down.