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Wildcats and Hawkeyes Rock the Old Pueblo.

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Good lord. I just got home from the Arizona game. And I am simply giddy. I haven’t had that much fun at a game in a while. True, if the Wildcats had played the second half the same as the first, I would have preferred it. But it would have been much less exciting.

The Arizona faithful got to witness our ‘inexperienced’ LBs fly all over the field. Our Offensive line that was supposed to be dominated by the Iowa defensive line, and specifically DE Adrian Clayborn, largely kept them at bay and gave QB Nick Foles ample time in the pocket. The young defense that was to be gashed by RBs Adam Robinson and Jewel Hampton held them to a combined 35 yards.

My overall impression coming out of this game, is that the Arizona Wildcats are much, much better than anyone gave them credit for. On offense, defense, and special teams. I will go on the record now, and say that there is not another team on the schedule for Arizona this season that should be favored over them. Oregon escaped by the skin of their teeth last season, and that game could be called a toss up, but Arizona has to be the favorite right now for the Rose Bowl. Without some questionable calls from the referees, and a most unfortunate bounce of the football off of the head of ‘Bug’ Wright, this game would not have been close. Arizona was clearly the better team. And not by a little.

To the Iowa fans that made the trip out to Tucson, thank you. You were classy, and fun to be around. No rudeness. No fights. Just a bunch of good people out to enjoy some football. I hope the schools someday agree to another home-and-home.

More to come in the coming days. Now, I have to take care of my shredded throat. I actually felt something pop in there when I was screaming during the game. That can’t be good.

Bear Down, Arizona! And don’t you dare look past the Cal Bears. That will be a chance for a bounce-back for Cal, and a let-down for Arizona. Enjoy the win Wildcat fans!