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The celebration is over; it's Cal Week

I hope everyone got all of the celebration of the Iowa win out of their systems. It was a great victory for the team, Stoops, and the fans.  But as of today, it will not mean much without another 10 weeks of good football.  From here on out, the non-conference schedule only matters in that it affected how Arizona has reached its current national ranking, it strengthens the Pac-10's national perception, and it gave the team confidence going forward.  Arizona should be proud of Saturday's win, they just should not dwell on it.  Cal Week started yesterday.  It's time to get back to work.

Last week Cal was "pistol whipped" by Nevada, according to SB Nation friends California Golden Blogs.  Nevada, and the infamous Pistol offense ran all over the Bears on national television.  Kevin Reily was erratic, which is not quite typical, but then again not quite unexpected either.  There is no more Jekyll and Hyde quarterback in the Pac-10.  Where Reily goes, the Bears go.  Should Cal's lackluster performance under the Friday night lights give Arizona extra confidence heading into this Saturday's game?  Absolutely not.  Does anyone need to be reminded of last year?  Cal is a familiar opponent for Arizona, and they are likely to give Arizona all they have Saturday night. 

Saturday's win put the rest of the Pac-10 on alert.  The Wildcats are not to be taken lightly this year.  From here on out, here's guessing no one will.  Cal is the first Pac-10 test.  Arizona needs to come out and show last Saturday was not a one-time occurrence and Arizona is here to stay.

Bear Down.