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Cardiac Cats grind out a victory over Cal.

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Good Lord.  That game wore me out.  I can't imagine how the players and coaches must feel.  The Arizona defense put on a clinic tonight, saving the day for the Wildcat faithful.  Usually, allowing only 9 points would seem to guarantee a win.  Not tonight.  Only a dramatic, last minute offensive drive, and a well timed turnover sealed the Arizona win.

I cannot say enough about the Arizona defense.  The Cal offense was not innept.  It was not a weak offense.  Cal QB Kevin Riley looked impressive tonight.  RB Shane Vereen gave the crowd fits, constantly threatening to break a big run.  But the Arizona defense held strong, in the face of next to no support by the offense.  Even when the crowd seemed to be giving up, the defense played with their hair on fire.  Good job, men.  On behalf of all Arizona fans, I say 'Thank you'.  We would not be undefeated without you.  No question.

I will have a more detailed game recap up on Sunday, and hopefully the polls will give us some good news.  (Top 10?)

Bear Down, Arizona!