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Pac-10 Chat with Ted Miller: Arizona Edit

Ted Miller,’s Pac-10 blogger, held a chat today. I pared it down to the bits regarding the Arizona Wildcats. Mr. Miller is one entertaining guy, and I recommend checking out the entire chat log. Link here.

Blazing Jay (TooStoned, AZ)  Ted, can you rate the Top 5 defenses in the Pac so far this year ? 1-5 Thanks Blazing

Ted Miller  1. Arizona; 2. Oregon; 3. Arizona State; 4. Stanford; 5. UCLA... with USC and Cal also looking like potentially good defenses as they get more comfortable in new schemes (and in the Bears case don't play Nevada).

Wilbur (Tucson, AZ)  Is Arizona's window of opportunity now and closing, or do you see them actually sustaining this success?

Ted Miller  Wow! Window of opportunity closing? I see Arizona as a rising program that hasn't yet peaked. So, with Mike Stoops as the head coach, I say sustaining success.

Jeff (Tucson, AZ)  What would you say to the 8 AP voters that have Arizona ranked below Iowa? Especially Desmond Conner who has Iowa #15 and Arizona unranked?

Ted Miller  That they aren't doing a good job with their ballot. Someone has Arizona unranked? Not sure that's even defensible.