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Coaching rumors and changes: Stoops names Littrell sole O.C.

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Well, my worst fear has been confirmed. Arizona Wildcats head coach Mike Stoops announced that Seth Littrell will be calling the plays next season. Coach Robert Anae will be the offensive line coach and 'running game coordinator'. Seriously? Ok, let me take a breath here. Maybe count to ten.... Nope, still don't get it. In what world did coach Littrell's play calling warrant him keeping the job in the 2011 season? You have the luxury of having a proven play caller and offensive coordinator in coach Anae, and he won't be calling the plays. Huh?

I truly believe that coach Stoops has a much better understanding of football and coaching than I will ever possess. I'm just going to have to have faith that he has made the correct decision here. There is one fact that is inarguable, however. Every time that Arizona loses a game next season there will be open criticism of Littrell's play calling, and justifiably so.

The next step in the process of filling Arizona's coaching holes will be to sign a defensive backs coach, and I have to believe that former Wildcat player and graduate assistant Dave Fipp will be a top candidate for the position. Coach Fipp is currently the assistant special teams coach for the San Francisco 49ers, and would obviously be useful in recruiting not only defensive backs, but also kickers and punters.

Keep in mind that there has never been any statement about coach Fipp being a candidate, but I'd really like to see coach Fipp come home to Tucson and help to improve Arizona's defensive backs and special teams. Greg Hansen of the Arizona Daily Star was the first to voice the opinion that Fipp may be a candidate.