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Pac-10 Basketball Pick 'Em: Week 9 Results

Another week of Pac-10 Basketball is in the books, and the race for the regular season conference championship is on!  There were one or two upsets this week, and Arizona is just .5 games away from first place.  A big thumbs up to the Stanford squad for pulling off the major upset against Washington, and to the Arizona squad for not letting the media blitz on Tucson get into their heads.

Ok, lets get to it.  This week your Arizona Desert Swarm staff didn't do so hot, going 4-6.  We'll need to step it up if we want to remain in the top 3.

-Week 9 Winner:   ‘AddictedToQuack' (8-2)  Addicted to Quack had a great week, and clawed its way back into the middle of the pack.  another couple of weeks like this, and they could be in the lead...

-Overall Leader:  ‘UW Dawgpound' (101-25)  UW Dawgpound remains atop the pack, and is the first to break 100!  Will somebody catch them, or will they run away with it?

-Reader Ballot Winner:  'GoCougs'  Another win for GoCougs.  Man, these Washington St. fans are dominating so far.  Good job guys, keep it up.

Full standings, and a link to the spreadsheet with all picks after the jump.

1. ‘UW Dawgpound' (101-25)
2. ‘CougCenter' (98-28)
3. ‘Arizona Desert Swarm' (97-27)
4. ‘Rule of Tree' (95-29)
5. ‘AddictedToQuack' (93-30)
6. ‘Building The Dam' (92-34)
7. ‘Bruins Nation' (91-35)
8. ‘California Golden Blogs' (88-33)
9. ‘House of Sparky' (74-23)

Full spreadsheet with all picks here.