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Isaiah Thomas fanning the flames of an already exciting game.

This Thursday, the newly ranked Arizona Wildcats (#25) will face off against the Pac-10 leading #20 Washington Huskies. This game has plenty of hype around it already, without anyone fanning the flames. A match-up of the only ranked teams in the Pac-10? A battle, where the winner will leave in sole possession of first place in the Pac-10? I can promise you that I'll be glued to my couch watching every second of that game.

But now, we have Washington point guard Isaiah Thomas talking smack. Thomas was asked if he had circled the Arizona game on the calendar. "I haven't," He said. "they probably have."

Wow. I'd just like to send a big 'thank you' to Mr. Thomas. His comment has surely reached the ears of the Arizona players. And while the coach may down-play it, there is no way that Momo Jones, Derrick Williams, and the rest of the Wildcats will take that lying down. Thank you, Mr. Thomas, for providing a spark to make the Wildcats train a little harder, focus a little better on beating you. It is likely that the Wildcats will be playing their best game so far this season, and Washington had better do the same or Isaiah Thomas and Co. will lose in front of their home crowd.

All chest-thumping aside, this looks to be a great game, featuring two good teams. Each has a star, that can energize their team and take them to new heights. For Washington that is Isaiah Thomas. Thomas is averaging 16.5 points, 5.4 assists, has a field goal percentage of 46%, and is shooting 36% from 3 point range. Solid numbers. Washington is lucky to have him.

Arizona, however, has Derrick Williams. Williams is averaging 19.7 points, 1.1 assists, has a field goal percentage of 66%, and is shooting a gaudy 71% from 3 point range. Clearly, Arizona will have the best player on the court this Saturday. I'm expecting for Momo, Kevin Parrom, and Jesse Perry to raise their games and help Derrick Williams lead the Arizona Wildcats to victory, and the #1 spot in the Pac-10. And that is right where Arizona should be.

Bear Down, Arizona! Beat the Huskies!