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Josiah Turner Facing Adversity

Sean Miller's priority should be getting Josiah Turner to Point Guard U.
Sean Miller's priority should be getting Josiah Turner to Point Guard U.

Josiah Turner has all of the tools, talent, and skill to become the next great point guard at the University of Arizona. His speed and quickness on the court are unmatched, his high basketball IQ allows him to shred defenses and hit open teammates for the score, and his jump shot, despite being an ongoing project, could be lethal at the next level with proper coaching. So why is there all of this recent controversy surrounding the talented guard from Sacramento?  

It all started on January 7th when Turner missed a game for Sacramento High. Speculation ensued, but head coach Derek Swafford called it an, "internal matter" that he would handle personally. In the following days, reports came out of Sacramento that Turner was involved in an altercation at school, and that was the reason for missing the game. Most figured Josiah would miss a game or two and then return to the Dragons, but then came word of Turner leaving for school for good. For a player who had already changed schools after his freshman and sophomore year, one had to wonder if the talented guard was more trouble than he was worth.

Just when it appeared Turner's career in Sacramento was over, yet another twist came: he was staying at Sacramento High. After days of speculation of which prep school he would attend, the decision was made that he would remain at his current high school, but would no longer play for the basketball team. Why can't anything ever go smoothly?

While Josiah won't be participating in the rest of his senior year of high school basketball, the move does have it's advantages for Sean Miller and the University Arizona. Instead of Turner focusing on basketball, he can shift his focus to his schoolwork. While he's in no danger of failing to qualify, it doesn't hurt to have one less distraction outside of the classroom. The move also allows Turner to hit the weight room even more than he already does. He's known to have a great work ethic, and the time away from the court will allow him to hit the gym even harder to become even more physically prepared for the next level. He'll inevitably take over the starting point guard spot in 2011-2012, and the extra conditioning will only help him on his journey of continuing Point Guard U's legacy of tremendous guard play.

For Sean Miller and his staff, it should be their top priority to ensure Josiah Turner makes it to Arizona. He's the most talented point guard to come to Arizona since Jerryd Bayless in 2007, and we've all seen just how crucial it is to have strong point guard play in order to make a deep run in the NCAA tournament. Arizona needs Josiah Turner, and Josiah Turner needs Arizona. Let's make it happen, and let's forget all about the adversity in Sacramento.

My name is Scott Coleman and I'm a student living in Tucson. My family has held season tickets for basketball for 25 years, and I'm an absolute fanatic of UA hoops. I'm looking forward to contributing for AZ Desert Swarm.