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#25 Arizona Wildcats @ # 20 Washington Huskies: Game Thread

Finally! We get to watch and enjoy as the top two teams in the Pac-10 go at it, with first place in the conference on the line. The coaches and players can talk until they're blue in the face about this game not being Derrick Williams vs. Isaiah Thomas. I don't want to hear it, and I don't believe you. Sure, I agree that it is a team sport, and the best overall team will win. But this game, and the match-up in Tucson later this season, will go a long way in the argument over who will be the Pac-10 player of the year. It may also have significant draft implications.

Ok, I've got plenty of links to keep you busy while you wait for tip-off. So check them out, and join us in the game thread to cheer for your Arizona Wildcats as they take on the Washington Huskies!

"Bejarano misses trip due to illness" Daniel Bejarano, a player I am really high on, will not be available to play tonight, as he is suffering from flu-like symptoms. Get well soon Daniel, we'll need you to contribute soon.

"Saddle Up: Pac-10's two bids on the line" The outcome of this game could impact how many NCAA tournament bids the Pac-10 winds up with.

"Isaiah Thomas vs. Derrick Williams: The Tale of the Tape" A great break-down of both players, and what they mean for their respective teams.

"Underrated? Raise hands" Does the Pac-10 operate in a media 'black hole'?

"Interactive insider" Check out this cool flash app that shows off the player match-ups.