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Arizona Basketball: Arizona Wildcats @ Washington St. Cougars Game Thread

Today the Arizona Wildcats face off against the Washington St. Cougars. This will be the second match-up of Pac-10 player of the year candidates in three days for Arizona basketball. This time, we'll get a look at Derrick Williams and Klay Thompson. Check out the stats.

Name Height Weight PPG APG FG% FT% 3P% RPG
Derrick Williams 6-8 241 lbs. 19.8 1.1 64.7% 76.8% 69.2% 7.5
Klay Thompson 6-6 202 lbs. 22.9 4.3 47.4% 85.4% 44.2% 5.4

The 'Cougs are yet another team that runs the 2-3 zone, the perceived kryptonite of the Arizona offense. Arizona head coach Sean Miller, however, doesn't seem overly concerned. "They'll play a lot of 2-3 zone," Said coach Miller. "They'll mix up, they'll go man, go zone. A lot of teams have done that against us. I pretty much anticipate us being able to score and execute against Washington State's zone."

I certainly hope that coach Miller is proven right. The 'Cougs are a solid team that will compete for an NCAA tournament slot. As for the Wildcats, they seem to be improving as the season goes on, but several players need to step up their game in order for Arizona to be able to make it into the NCAA tournament this season.

My suggestions:
Derrick Williams- There's not a lot that you need to improve. You are a solid all around player, and one of the best in the nation. If I could change one thing about you, I'd want you to be more 'selfish'. Demand the ball more, and use that innate ability to draw the foul while still getting the bucket.

Solomon Hill- You are, for the moment, the best #2 for Derrick Williams. While you have had decent numbers so far, you need to be more aggressive, and get to the line more often.

Lamont 'Momo' Jones- I know that you are a shooting guard that is being forced to play point guard. I know that you will likely be moving back to being primarily a shooting guard next season. I don't care. You are a PG right now, and you need to play like one. Set up shots for your teammates, specifically Derrick Williams. Instead of trying to dance through four defenders, pass the damn ball. You do not need to take over the game. You need to be the quarterback, and get the ball to guys in a position to score.

Brendon Lavender- Be more confident. I don't know why, but you didn't seem willing to pull the trigger against Washington. You have tremendous range, and will be a valuable asset if you build that confidence up. Also, better figure it out quick, as coach Miller has said that you'll be playing some PG tonight.

It should be a great game tonight. Check out the links after the jump, and join in the conversation! Let us know what you think about the game, the teams and the players.

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