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Pac-10 Basketball Pick 'Em: Week 10 Results

Another week is in the books.  There were some great games, some that revealed glaring holes on certain teams, and some that flat out shocked me.  The Oregon Ducks defeated the Oregon St. Beavers?  What?  Gotta love those rivalry games.  By now, your team's strengths and weaknesses should be fairly clear.  How do you feel about your team's chances to make the NCAA tournament?  The NIT?  Leave your opinion in the comments, or if you have more to say than can be contained in a measly little comment box, put up a 'fan post' and I'll check it out and comment on it.

Ok, let's get to it.  This week, your Arizona Desert Swarmstaff did ok, putting up a record of 7-3, and finishing tied for 3rd place. 

-Week 10 Winner:  'BruinsNation' (9-1)  Solid week for the UCLA Bruinsblog!  Will there be a mid-season push for the top spot?

-Overall Leader:  'UW Dawgpound' (108-28)  Another week at the top for the Washington Huskiesblog.  Will they be able to keep it up?

-Reader Ballot Winner:  'johnnycougar' (8-1)  Again with this guy!?  In all seriousness, another great week of picks by johnnycougar.  Once again, only one missed pick.  Keep it up.

Full standings, and a link to the spreadsheet with all picks after the jump.

1. ‘UW Dawgpound' (108-28)
2. ‘
CougCenter' (104-32)
3. ‘
Arizona Desert Swarm' (104-30)
4. ‘
Rule of Tree' (102-32)
5. ‘
AddictedToQuack' (101-32)
7. ‘
BruinsNation' (100-36)
6. ‘
Building The Dam' (97-39)
8. ‘
California Golden Blogs' (95-36)
9. ‘
House of Sparky' (74-23)

Full spreadsheet with all picks here.