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Arizona Wildcats Quote For The Day: Derrick Williams And A Championship

Courtesy of Derrick Williams' Facebook account, here is what he had to say earlier today.

im just trying to win a championship...everything else can wait.

That's exactly what Arizona fans want to hear, and it's something that is seriously lacking in today's college basketball game. It seems like everyone is ready to jolt to the NBA as quickly as they can, and a lot of them really miss out on how great of an experience playing Division One college basketball is. Derrick sees this, and he wants to achieve the ultimate goal at Arizona: a national championship.

Williams is already a special player, and he could go down as a true legend if he decides to forgo the draft and stay for his junior and/or senior seasons. For a guy who wasn't heavily recruited out of high school, it's pretty incredible what DWill has done in just 18 months as a Wildcat. The sky is the limit for the sophomore, and it should be a great ride as we watch him turn into one of Arizona's best big men of all time.