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Coaching rumors and changes for Arizona Wildcats.

Former Arizona Wildcatsco-offensive coordinator Bill Bedenbaugh has accepted a position as offensive line coach with the West Virginia Mountaineers.  This adds to Arizona head coach Mike Stoops' to-do list this off-season.  Already, coach Stoops needs to find a replacement defensive backs coach, and has vowed to make whatever changes are necessary to improve the Wildcats after the Alamo Bowl embarrassment.  This has lends itself to speculation that not only will the vacant positions be filled, but some current staff members may be let go for replacements that better fit coach Stoops' plans for the future of Arizona football.

The leading candidate for O.C. seems to be former BYU O.C. Robert Anae.  Anae is another product of the Mike Leach coaching legacy, and would likely focus more on the power run.  This certainly would fit into coach Stoops' stated desire to put a greater emphasis on the run.

If anyone out there is wondering why coach Stoops doesn't just promote co-offensive coordinator Seth Littrell to sole O.C., don't count on it.  The offensive play calling and game plans were atrocious this past season.  If coach Stoops can aquire Anae, he would certainly be a play calling upgrade.  If not, play calling and game planning skills are likely at the top of the requirements for any other candidates.

Expect more names to be raised as the future O.C. of Arizona, and expect to hear plenty more rumors about possible hirings and firings of staff members.  Personally, I'd like to see a new defensive coordinator, that places a greater emphasis on man coverage, but clearly hiring a new DB coach and O.C. are the top priorities.