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Pac-10 Basketball Pick 'Em: Week 7 Results

What a week of Pac-10 basketball!  The conference looks to be hotly contested this season, with several teams looking surprisingly good.  Watch out for the Oregon St. Beavers, when they're on, they look capable of pulling the upset on anyone.  Lots of intriguing story-lines to follow throughout the Pac-10 season.  Will the Arizona Wildcats play well enough to make the NCAA tournament?  How many bids will the Pac-10 get?  Will the Pac-10 basketball fans begin to chant the old 'east coast bias' mantra again?

Ok, let's get to it.  This week, your Arizona Desert Swarm staff did really well, if on a short week.  We're looking like strong competitors now, but we'll have to see if we have the knowledge (and luck) to keep it up.

-Week 7 Winner:  Arizona Desert Swarm(9-0)  Yeah!  We won this week!  Now let's see if we can keep it up for another week!

-Overall Leader:  UWDawgpound(89-17)  UWDawgpound certainly seems to have the basketball knowledge to wind up as the overall winner at the end of the regular season.  But will they be able to fend off the competitors week in and week out?

-Fan Submission Winner:  GoCougs (5-4)

Full standings, and a link to the spreadsheet with all picks after the jump.

Pac-10 Basketball Pick 'Em Standings:
1.  UWDawgpound (89-17)
2.  Arizona Desert Swarm (86-20)
3.  CougCenter (85-21)
4.  Building The Dam (83-23)
4.  Rule of Tree (83-23)
6.  BruinsNation (79-27)
7.  Addicted to Quack (78-25)
8.  California Golden Blogs (77-26)
9.  House of Sparky (61-18)

Full spreadsheet with all picks here.