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Coaching Rumors And Changes: Anae To Be the O.C., or the O-line Coach?

Ok, time for another batch of Arizona Wildcats coaching rumors and opinions.  A tweet by Arizona A.D. Greg Byrne is unsettling, to say the least.  "Spent time w/new O line coach Robert Anae today. Really like what he is bringing to our program."  Huh?  O-line coach?  I, along with many, had assumed that coach Anae would be the O.C., and be calling the offensive plays.  This may be a political way of addressing him, as coach Stoops has not formally announced who will be calling the plays next season.  Anae is certainly a capable O-line coach, and I hope he'll be the O-line coach/ O.C., but this has me worried.  Why wait to announce who will be calling the plays?

Anae is the best offensive play caller and game planner on the Arizona staff.  Just look at his record.  With Mountain West Conference recruits, he's had 5 top 25 offenses and 3 top 10 passing years out of 6 years.  Still don't think he's better than this season's play caller, Seth Littrell?  Just re-watch some of the games.  Horrible play calling, too many underneath routs, bad decision making.  And as the season went on, the play calling got worse, not better.

It is likely that coach Stoops wants to wait until the red/blue scrimmage to name a play caller.  Whenever he makes up his mind, I hope he chooses coach Anae as the sole O.C. and the offensive play caller.

Other opinions and rumors after the jump.

Greg Hansen, of the Arizona Daily Star is an in-the-know guy, and he had some great insight in this article.  Here's some of the juicy stuff from his article.

-It looks like Arizona D.C. Tim Kish is a hot commodity, and may be the next coach to get poached.  I, for one, would not be sad to see him go.  I think it's time for a D.C that puts more of an emphasis on man coverage.

-Ex Arizona Safety and graduate assistant David Fipp may be a candidate for the vacant secondary coach postion.  He is likely to be let go, along with the rest of the San Francisco 49ers staff, and would be not only a solid coach, but would be a good recruiting tool, with his knowledge of coaching NFL DBs.

We  need some rumors started by the fans.  So, who would be your 'fantasy pick' for D.C., DBs/Secondary coach, etc?  What coaches do you want to see hired/ fired?