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Bucky Badger Facebook creeps Wilma Wildcat on SportsCenter commercial

Bucky Badger, the Wisconsin Badgers' mascot, was caught Saturday morning at his Bristol, Conn., cubicle Facebook-creeping on Wilma Wildcat, the female mascot for the Arizona Wildcats.

"I was working on an article about left-handed athletes," Bucky said in a press release. "I have no other comment at this time."

Wilma Wildcat said in a exclusive interview with Arizona Desert Swarm that she has only met Bucky once -- at a mascot retreat in the Hamptons this summer -- but did not go into details on the pair's relationship.

"I am faithful to my husband, Wilbur," she said.

Wilbur T. Wildcat could not be reached for comment.

Rumors have swirled about a growing rift between Wilbur and Wilma on the University of Arizona campus. The pair has often gone separately to campus events and UA sponsored campaigns outside of campus.

The Arizona Athletic department has not released a statement regarding the status of either of its two mascots.