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Kevin Parrom's Mother Passes Away

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Early Sunday night Kevin Parrom tweeted from his twitter platform, @KevinParrom3:

I Love You Momma! You Dont Have To Deal With No More Pain And Now You Can Watch Ya Baby Boy Make You Proud From Up Above. Love You Ma ! RIP

For me personally it took a few seconds after reading for it to set in;  a junior in college's mother is no longer with him.  I have no idea how this feels as well as many of you reading this.  But what I do know is as a community, the UofA will be there for him because that is the kind of school we are. 

Sean Miller released a statement tonight with the following:

"Today, Lisa Williams, Kevin Parrom's mom, passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kevin and his family at this most difficult time. I have never been around a young person who has dealt with more hardship in such a short period of time than Kevin."

"I ask all Arizona Wildcat fans to join us on Saturday, Oct. 22, at 2 p.m. at our annual Red-Blue Game to be there when we introduce Kevin Parrom as a part of our 2011-12 team. He will rely on all of us here in Tucson for support in moving forward.

"This is an opportunity for all of us to show Kevin that he is surrounded by the best basketball community in our country."

If you were iffy on going to the Red&Blue game beforehand, you now have no excuse not to go.  There are not many times a community gets a chance to rally around a player and when that opportunity presents itself, it should be taken.  

My prayers go out to Kevin, his family and everyone that knew his mother Lisa Williams.  

This is also a great opportunity to call your parents if you haven't talked to them in a while and tell them you love them, because you do not know when that opportunity will be taken away from you.

"Unable are the loved to die.  For love is immortality." ~ Emily Dickinson