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A View From the Zoo: Is it ever okay to root for ASU?

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As I was watching the Oregon/ASU game on Saturday with some friends, the age old question came upon us. When is it okay to root for your rival? Is it even allowable to do so?

I chimed in with a definitive "NO!" while my other friends were a little more on the fence. Their reasoning behind possibly rooting for AS-who, I mean ASU, was if they beat Oregon and then Arizona beats ASU, it makes us look better.

However, one can only take that risk if you can almost guarantee a win against your interstate rival and this year, to no one’s surprise, cannot be guaranteed.

For those that do not know me and few do who read this, I grew up in Phoenix, and have many friends that go to ASU, but I loathe the Sun Devils with a passion. I grew up idolizing Lute Olson and have never faltered in my loyalty.

So I never, ever, ever root for ASU…except for these few examples (which sadly haven’t exactly taken form yet).

-The first is if an ASU win will give UofA a berth in the Rose Bowl. I believe this is a reason all Arizona fans can support because frankly, the pros are better than the cons. (Note: A National Championship berth also falls under this number.)

-The second reason I would cheer for ASU is tied very closely to the first. If a Sun Devil win meant Arizona was going to a BCS bowl game other than the two listed above, I would gladly root for ASU.

-The third is if a win gave Arizona the Pac-12 regular season championship in basketball or football. Yes, it’s not as big as a Rose Bowl or BCS game, but to win any league championship is nothing to frown upon.

-The last reason I would root for our rival in Phoenix is if their win meant Arizona basketball would have either a #1 or #2 seed in the NCAA tournament. I could definitely handle ‘them’ winning a game, if it set us up for a deep run into the Madness of March.

If you have any other examples of when it is okay to root for ASU, please post it in the comments section below.

With all the stress going on with the Stoops firing and Parrom’s mother dying, I felt a humorous, carefree post would do this fan base some good. I hope you enjoy and maybe even bring this up to your friends and family and see what they say.