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A much-needed UCLA, Arizona halftime update: What the heck is happening

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I had this weird feeling this game would be wild, but this is the freakin' definition of opposite day.

Little did I know that Arizona would put up 42 points on UCLA, hold the Bruins to seven points of their own, and a streaker and bench brawl would occur simultaneously. Hey, these two teams may be equally (not equally? I'm confused) bad, but this is one entertaining half from the Wildcat side of things.

UCLA fans are probably, uh, calling for Rick Neuheisel's head. As badly as we saw Arizona play against Oregon State in the first half two weeks ago, I can't imagine this half by the Bruins is any better, if not worse.

Anyway, props to a streaker who distracted the refs enough for the shoving match to break out. Shaquille Richardson and Taylor Embree shouldn't be proud, but I'm thankful for this game being entertaining as heck. Upward and onward to the second half, where the Wildcats can totally make up for their 10-game losing streak against FBS teams and make the scoring ratio in the span of the past 11 games pretty closer to equal. 

Good stuff. Tim Kish knows how to put on a great production.