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BiBi Jones adds to the odd and growing legend of Rob Gronkowski and Arizona

Just last week, I wrote about how weird is was that Rob Gronkowski could have been suiting up for the Arizona Wildcats this season had he not entered the NFL Draft.

That was before the Gronk-show returned to Tucson for Arizona's game against UCLA. And boy did it make the headlines. Gronkowski apologized to the New England Patriots organization this week for posing with and tweeting photos of porn star BiBi Jones while visiting Arizona.

Was he only trying to get some Twitter follows? Possibly, because both Gronkowski and Jones said nothing happened between them. None of anyone's business really, but either way, I'm sure the Kraft's aren't too happy about the publicity.

Gronkowski's status, in just his second season in the NFL, has boomed moreso for his off-the-field antics than for his on-the-field performances. Not that he's played badly or anything. He's been a key addition to the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady, but hanging out with hot chicks all the time has taken Gronk's fame to a weird level -- he's sort of like the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World. Gronk does what Gronk wants; he lives with no shame.

There's this funny interview that Barstool Sports posted. Just the headline alone suggests that "Gronk" has become a verb in the English dictionary. The first visual on his own website,, reads "Greatness Gronk-ness" for goodness sakes.

Am I complaining? Not at all. It sort of fits Arizona's reputation of being a flat-out party-centric school. Pre-mature field rushes, official-impersonating streakers and pool parties kind of fit that mold as well.

Gilbert Arenas? Kinda crazy. The fame of female athletes like Jennie Finch and Amanda Beard? A fame that goes beyond sports and into culture as well.

Arizona has the winning traditions in basketball, softball and swimming, but hey, when winning isn't happening, at least the Wildcats make the headlines, anyway. Right?