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Tarczewski is Sean Miller's Zeus

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For anyone that has been following this recruitment, through the unofficial visits, to the scheduled then backed out visits, finally to the delayed announcement, it is now over. Kaleb "Zeus" Tarczewski is now an Arizona Wildcat as he confirmed it this afternoon to

Zues is ranked sixth overall in the ESPN100 and is the second ranked Center. Overall for Arizona, they now have three of the top nine, yes you read that correctly, players in the country.

Tarczewski gave no indication at all that this was was a cake walk. While talking to, he called it a "difficult decision" because "Kansas and Arizona are both great, great schools." He did say however he was glad it is over.

In testament to Sean Miller, Zeus said, "...he's a great guy," and, "he's really going to do everything in his power to make me the best player that I can be."

This is now the second time Miller has beaten out Kansas head coach Bill Self for a top ranked player. The first was PG Josiah Turner, who is already being projected as a first round pick in the 2012 NBA draft.

After stocking up at the guard position in 2011, Miller and company has gone above and beyond with 2012's group. Projecting future Final Four's and Championships is never looked highly upon, but when you look at what this team has, at least potential wise, it's hard not to expect great things.

With all but certainty, this recruiting class is signed, sealed and delivered. With four players in the class and four seniors leaving after this season, I'm fairly certain Coach Miller will be just fine sitting on this quartet and focusing on the season on hand.

One week from today the regular season starts. Are YOU ready?